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I can provide a safe, confidential environment for exploring personal problems. I develop an individual treatment plan specifically designed to meet the client's needs and goals.  Keep me in mind when  you or someone you know is dealing with any of the following issues or perhaps just wants an emotional tune-up or a safe place to talk!
Call me at 310-393-8783.

Emotional Issues:
Dealing with and overcoming depression
Learning to manage and minimize panic attacks
Managing anger
Overcoming phobias
Dealing with the loss of a loved one
Recovery from abuse or past stressors

Self Improvement:
Assertiveness Training
Overcoming Shyness/Increasing social skills
Goal Setting
Career Changes
Communication skills building
Breaking bad habits/addiction

Relationship Issues:
Being a better parent
Improving relationships at work
Maintaining a healthy relationship with significant other
Making peace with your family
Creating a new family or support network

Services related to Chronic Mental Illness:
Support and education for families
Social skills training
Women's Issues:
Balancing home/relationship with work/career
Recovery from abuse
Rape trauma counseling

Phone me at 310/393-8783
Email me helen@drhelen.com 
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